About us

Hotelengine.eu is recognized as a professional and trusted partner in delivering online reservation systems. We have over 10 years of experience on implementing online booking systems e.g. with Opera PMS and MyFidelio. During these years we have gained market-leading expertise in the field.

We take pride in our reliable, fast and flexible deliveries. The one thing our customers value most is that we make fully tailored booking engines. With Hotelengine.eu, you get the solutions that match your unique needs.


Our history in brief

2019: HotelEngine was acquired by Hoist Group, and will continue to support both Oracle customers as well as HotSoft PMS customers.

2016: Booking engines to multiple Kämp Collection Hotels' properties. Zleep Hotels new booking engine and kiosk check-in launched.

2015: Gift card shops to all Kämp Collection Hotels.

2014: Gift Card Shop to Hotel Haikko in Finland. Gothia Towers booking engine launched in Sweden. Elite hotels new booking engine launched.

2013: Gift Card Shop to Arthur Hotels in Denmark. Booking Engine to Hotel GLO in Finland. Nets Netaxept support.

2012: Legoland booking Engine launched.

2011: Online check-in to Bella Sky in Denmark. Glo Hotels joins HotelEngine customers.

2010: HotelEngine concentrating on hospitability business. Booking Engine to Elite Hotel in Sweden. 6th card/SIX payment service.

2009: Working together with Fonecta/Hotellivaraamo for online reservation systems.

2008: Arthur Hotels Booking Engine launched.

2007: HotelEngine supports online payments: Finnish banks.

2006: hotellipankki.fi portal launched, serving Finnish business customers.

2004: First Booking Engine delivered to StayAt hotel apartments in Sweden.

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