Booking Engine

  • HotelEngine is a real-time online reservation system, that is seamlessly integrated to your own website and to your Hotsoft, Opera PMS or MyFidelio
  • HotelEngine is customizable and the look and feel adapts to your hotel’s visual identity. This increases the loyalty of your guests by strengthening their experience on your own unique brand.
  • The guests can easily buy extra services already during the booking. HotelEngine offers many cost-efficient ways to sell extra services to new guests and to your key customer groups by promotional codes, loyalty programs and campaigns. Optional customer login and profile management increase these possibilites further.
  • HotelEngine supports various online payment systems.
  • With HotelEngine, guests can make reservations also on their mobile devices. 
  • Integration to Google Analytics provides useful information on your customer behaviour during the online booking. This offers a great opportunity to promote your offers.
  • HotelEngine supports pre-arrival and post-departure customer care, e.g. automatic Welcome\Thank You emails and online guest satisfaction surveys. You can react to the customer feedback with automatic email alerts.
  • With the help of HotelEngine, you can provide your guests with superior service at every step.

We could name an endless list of features here. Instead, please see our references in order to familiarize with our solutions. Enjoy!

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"Significant increase in sales. The investment paid back in two weeks."

Glo Hotels,

Gothia Towers - Sweden

Hotel booking engine and giftcard shop

"Our ambition is to be Europe’s most attractive meeting place, and we will achieve this by offering the best overall experience."


Elite Hotels - Sweden

Hotel booking engine and giftcard shop

"Elite Hotels consists of 27 premium hotels – from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south. Stay with us and we will offer you more than a place to sleep."


Glo Hotels - Finland

Hotel booking engine and giftcard shop

"Hotel GLO changes your perception of a unique hotel. Stylish rooms, a bigger heart, and a bigger personality. "

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